An Oregon Trail, Part 1

The adventure continues! After saying my goodbyes to hospitable friends in Everett, Washington, and a hearty lunch with an old friend of mine from seminary who is serving at a Presbyterian church in Seattle, I have headed down to Portland, Oregon, where I am looking to visit with anyone who might have an interest in learning about or sharing in my mission to Argentina. However, tomorrow (my day off) I am looking forward to paying a visit to George Fox University with an old family friend and to enjoying a glimpse into the world of a dynamic academic institution dedicated to serving God in excellence.

Continuing with the Oregon trail theme, I must ask your prayers as I have contracted a rather frustrating illness. No, I am not dying of dysentery. However, a throat and sinus infection of some kind has found me a useful host in which to develop and express itself, and I am feeling pretty worn-down and crummy. Please pray that I would feel better quickly, particularly before my visit to St. Matthew's Anglican Church this Sunday, where I hope to articulate a vision for ministry which exudes passion for God apart from anything else.

Throughout this trip, I have been bowled over by the tangible, sacrificial acts of hospitality that I have encountered, both in the homes in which I have been staying as well as in the churches which I have visited. We so often do not realize the power that comes in opening our lives to others, and my prayer is that those who have opened their homes, hearts, and churches to me will have been enriched and strengthened in the process by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est.