As of today - February 19th

Time for another update! My stay in San Diego has been flying past, and and I can't believe that it's almost time to move on to other areas to continue raising support for my ministry in Belize.

My visits to local churches have gone well. Since I wrote last, I have visited and preached at Anglican Church of the Resurrection (San Marcos), Holy Trinity Parish (Ocean Beach), Holy Spirit Anglican Church (San Diego), and Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church (Yuma), and I have deeply enjoyed spending time with my sisters and brothers in these congregations. This coming Sunday, I am pleased to be able to spend time with the congregation of Grace Anglican Church (Oceanside), though it will be a bittersweet last Sunday in the San Diego area. These visits have been an incredible blessing and encouragement to me as I solidify my base of prayer and support here in the United States.

But to be honest, finding funds in the form of monthly pledges has been difficult in the last few months. Despite a handful of increases in giving, I am still staring a $500/month deficit in the face. I believe that God can bring in the support that I need to continue serving in Belize, but at this moment it appears that I may have to continue raising that support in the United States for a few weeks more: at least through part of March, if not into April.

If you are interested in supporting my ongoing work and ministry in Belize, please register today to give a monthly pledge. It will be an enormous blessing for me and the people whom I am serving in Central America, and I also believe that God will deeply bless you in the process as well!

Next week I am scheduled to fly to Chicago for the A1K Summit 2013: a conference on church planting in the Anglican tradition. I hope to build relationships with other church leaders here in the States, as well as acquire more tools and skills for obeying Christ's great commission in Belize. I will keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, I am looking for a church or churches in the Chicago area at which to preach and share about the mission for the first Sunday in March. Please keep this whole process in your prayers!