A new chapter - Belize!

It has been practically a year since I have posted news on my website, though that has not meant that there have not been happenings, major events, and legitimate news in my life. Things actually got pretty dramatic by the end of 2011. But I've turned a page in ministry and missions, and I'm on to a new chapter which may prove to be quite challenging and exciting.

In February 2012, I sat down with SAMS to debrief, and they asked if I might be interested in heading to Belize as a help and support to two SAMS missionaries already there on the ground: Juan and María Marentes. After praying about it and consulting with my core advisory team here in the States, we decided it would be good to continue to look into this medium-term placement. In March I went for a week to visit San Ignacio, Belize, and upon returning we decided that the Lord was calling me to serve with them for a time. And my plan is to be there as soon as mid May of this year: just four weeks away.

So, I've come to a new chapter, symbolized somewhat in a new website, a new style, and new direction as the Lord continues to reveal his call upon my life. I ask you to keep me in your prayers, and keep checking back in with me, either via the website or via email, to see how I'm doing and what God is doing in my ministry here.