Pacific Northwest Itinerary

A number of you have been asking me about the exact details of my itinerary this October as I visit churches and individuals in the Pacific Northwest raising support, and I haven't given them to you dominantly because I'm still in the process of setting up even a fluid itinerary. But, since this isn't really that fair for those who are partnering in this mission to Argentina, let me sketch out some of the broad swaths of details:

September 22th - September 29th (ish): Vacation in Indiana
I will be taking a vacation (at least, that's going to be my attempt), visiting my family in Indiana and Ohio, in and in particular my sister and newborn nephew. In the process, I am praying to meet a few people who might be willing to partner with this mission, but to be honest the main goal of this time will be to rest and focus on the month to come.

September 29th - October 6th (ish): Vancouver and Victoria (British Columbia)
During this week, I will be concluding my vacation with a stop in the Vancouver, BC area and visiting those among the many Anglican churches who are interested in my coming and sharing the vision that the Lord has given me and those on the team for ministry in Argentina.

October 6th - October 9th (ish): Western Washington
From that point I hope to head southward to the Tacoma/Seattle (with a few stops beforehand at churches further north) and visit with the dominantly high-church crowd (REC and APA) of that region.

October 9th - October 13th (ish): Eastern Washington
After visiting the churches on the Western side of the state, my hope is to head Eastward and visit the Anglican congregations in that area, many of which are in my own Diocese of Western Anglicans.

October 13th - 17th (ish): Western Oregon
Having canvased the state of Washington, the plan is to move south and visit some of the smaller but vibrant congregations in the state of Oregon (mostly found around the Portland area), and to visit with former missionaries Bob and Meg Jepsen.

October 17th - 20th (ish): The Bay Area
There are clusters of smaller and larger congregations around San Francisco and the bay area, and my hope is to swing by and visit with them as well as veteran missionaries like C.A. McCoy to learn from their experience.

October 20th - 23rd (ish): Lake Almanor
I am looking forward to swinging by St. Andrew's Academy and the congregations in the boondocks of Northern California, not simply to raise support but to see old friends and share the details of the mission in person with many who have been good friends of me and of my home church for a while.

October 23rd - 27th (ish): The Return
After departing Lake Almanor, I will be headed home to San Diego, making stops at churches along the way that are interested in having me speak or share about the mission. Which churches are interested in having me speak will in many ways determine which route home I end up taking.

These dates and areas are still pretty tentative: they depend on churches responding to my request to come and speak: the fewer the churches the more quickly I will be moving and the less time I will be spending away from Southern California. I will keep you all up to date on this itinerary as things continue to develop. In particular, please pray for the following:

  1. That many churches and individuals will be willing for me to come and speak to them about the mission.

  2. That the Lord would open the hearts of many people to want to partner with me in this ministry.

  3. That the Lord would provide for my bed and board while I am on the road as he has promised to do.

Thank you all, and blessings!