Two Weeks In

I cannot believe "how time flies when you're going through cultural shock and adaptation". Well, that may not be the expression, but it's close enough.

It has been a busy week! This past weekend saw the beginning of our youth group for the year here at Parroquia San Marcos, the same day that we had a six-hour workshop on the "Three Legs" of Anglicanism. Sunday, I preached my first sermon of my time here, in both Spanish and English, from John 3:1-17. All went well, I believe.

This week has proven to be a busy one as well. The team down here and I have spent a few days hunting down small things like a refrigerator, cell phone, and the like. I have joined a fitness center, and am rather sore from the additional requirements that I am placing on my body, in many ways for the first time in a long time. And this coming Sunday we will have not only my official installment in San Marcos by Bishop Venables, but later in the day we will have a visit from Bishop Nick Dreyson who is shepherding the churches of the Wichi tribes of Northern Argentina.

More than anything though, I am trying to take the time to adapt to this new culture even as I work out the larger details of my stay here (apparently my status here is not as "regular" as it needs to be ... more on that next week).  Thank you all so much for your prayers, and please send me a note when you get a chance!