As of today - August 20th

Hello folks! There is very little to tell about these last weeks before school starts up again. Last week I enjoyed the many visits that I made around our villages and towns, and I think the preaching went well. I was privileged to attend a wedding on Saturday, and I was even asked to play keyboard at the last minute for the entrance of the bride. I enjoyed it all.

There are several things on the horizon in the week to come. First, we hope to have our first Church Committee meeting on Wednesday. Please pray that everything comes together for that! Second, I am working hard to get my Belizean driver's licence this week, in time for a visit from a friend of mine from the States. Third, I am trying to get my documentation together so that in a couple of weeks when I have to return to immigration, I am ready for the next steps. Please pray that all this formal government business comes together all right!

I am so grateful for all your prayers ... thank you all so much!