A Quick Update from Home

Thank you so much for your prayers. After a terrific time of recovery yesterday, Christina has hardly felt any significant pain after her lithotripsy procedure. In fact, she has not been taking any pain medication, as feeling great and in good spirits. This is a huge answer to prayer, as is the fact that her body has been smoothly and steadily passing the pieces of the kidney stone without any drama or pain whatsoever. Given how her last lithotripsy went (back in February), this is a huge, huge blessing.

She was feeling well enough that we decided to come back to Belize this afternoon. The Lord took good care of us at the border with Belize, and gave us a safe journey all the way home. As I write this, I am safe and sound in my apartment.

Thank you all so much for holding us up in your prayers, and for emails and messages of encouragement over these intense days. I'll be in touch again soon!