A quick update from Mary Beth in California - September 18th

Happy Friday!

I’m finishing up my fourth week of school here at CSU Fullerton and so far the semester is going really well.  Lots of homework and even more practicing, but things are moving along nicely, even if it’s getting rather busy.  Thank you for your prayers!

My big news this week is that I just got my official letter from SAMS inviting me to be a SAMS missionary candidate!  Yay!  So after long applications, a psych evaluation, and an excellent Crossroads Conference, I’m now a candidate and can start even more support raising!  It’s pretty exciting to see how God is bringing everything together, and now I'm one step closer to joining David on the mission field in Belize!  Thank you again for your support of pledges and prayers!  And if you want to know even more about our mission and how you can help, look through our awesome website (or feel free to ask). =]  

Have a great weekend!