As of today - September 16th

I first want to say a big "thank you" to everyone who was praying for me last week. My stomach flu is passed (fingers crossed, though), and I've been running around trying to catch up.

Running around is actually pretty acurate at this point. Friday we had meetings all day at St. Barnabas' school and the University of Belize (Central Farm), both to give feedback to the primary school teachers, and also to continue down the road of getting the high school going in Central Farm. Things on that end are looking up, and a group of us spent Monday morning measuring the grounds and facilities with tapemeasures, trying to report to the Ministry of Education exactly how much space we have to work with.

Sunday was also very busy. In addition to having a full house both at St. Andrew's and St. Hilda's, we also traveled out to Iglesia Anglican Santa Cruz (Selena) for their patronal feast. I was honored to join with Christians from five churches (some who had traveled more than an hour to get there), and to give the sermon. Here's a couple of minutes of it, though just to warn you, I'm preaching in Spanish:

On top of working with the schools, I have a couple of other projects this week. First, I'm getting my paperwork together to renew my work permit (I have to renew this every year until I get my permanent residency). It takes a few days of bureaucratic hustle, and then I wait about a month for it to be approved. Second, we are preparing for a funeral this Saturday. I thought I would get a weekend off from preaching, since our postulant will be giving the message, but it turns out God had other plans. Please keep the Pagett family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of Mr. Bill.

In other news, I'm doing well, but I need to slow down. Please keep me and Mary Beth in your prayers, especially as we begin the process of raising support in earnest. We are trusting God to provide for our needs, and we are asking you to join with us in that same trust. Have a great week!