As of today - July 16th

Things have gone well over the past week. We had a wonderful visit from Shaw and Julie Mudge all last week as they worked on setting up the creation of an online seminary for candidates for lay and ordained ministry here in Belize. Not only do the Mudges and I continue to bump into each other around the world, but they have been a source of encouragement to me every time we do, and we have been thrilled to have their visit. They went back to their home in upstate New York today.

At the same time that they were departing, another team from Grace & Holy Trinity (Richmond, VA) has come down to put on their annual art camp for the children of St. Andrew's Church and School here in San Ignacio and Santa Elena. We are delighted to have them back, and they've definitely begun putting me to work as we minister together to work on arts, music, and crafts with these kids and to teach them the Word of God in the process.

In addition to the other out-of-the-ordinary events of the last few weeks, we clergy and the whole of our two congregations here in Cayo have been summoned to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (Belize City) for the bicentennial of its founding (and consequently, in a way, the founding of the Anglican Church here in Belize). Some of us will be attending a spectacular gala event on Saturday night, and then everyone will be coming together for a massive diocesan worship service on Sunday morning. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and worship together with our brothers and sisters from around the diocese.