As of today - April 29th

Good morning, everyone! It has been a very long and intensive week, and I am so grateful to all of you for your many prayers. We could not have gotten through it all without them, and you.

The big events of this past week surrounded the burial of George, the young sixteen-year-old who was thrown out of the bed of a pickup truck and killed instantly. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances the police were unwilling to release the body until an official autopsy had been performed, yet there were enormous delays at the coroner's office in Belize City, and the post-mortem evaluation could not completed. It was agonizing to watch the family mourn as George's body stayed at the morge from Saturday until Thursday, when there was finally an opening in the coroner's schedule to view the body. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights vast crowds of people from the town who knew the boy or his family came out to hold a wake by their home, and the public mourning continued until George was put to rest in the cemetary on Friday. Nonetheless, the whole town is still reeling from the shock and pain of what has happened. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

We have had another death in the congregation this week as well, an elderly man named Ronnie who was dear to many long-time members of St. Andrew's parish. We will be holding his funeral later this week. In addition, this week I will be doing a lot of reading and writing for various "bookish" projects that I have been putting off due to the crises we have been experiencing. Wednesday here in Belize is Labour Day, and there will be May Day celebrations complete with May Poles! I am looking forward to it!

For those of you who are also interested, I have started giving Twitter a try. If any of you are interested in following me, my handle is @DavidAlenskis. That's about it for now. Have a wonderful week!