Hitting Rock Bottom

Dear friends, thank you for your continued prayers for Juan and Maria Marentes. Here was a brief update I was given from folks on the ground in Belize:

We spoke with Father Juan this morning. He was in good spirits. This has been an incredibly hard journey. Last night was very rough on him. We continue to praise God that they got to the U.S. when they did. The syndrome continued to affect Juan to the point of nearly complete paralysis with the worst of it occurring yesterday. He was unable to feed himself or move in bed. They believe he has felt the full impact of the syndrome and is now on his way to recovery. He has regained movement in his hands and believes he can now feed himself. He has hit rock bottom and is now on his way to recovering. He sends his love and greetings to his beloved flock in Belize. He was delighted to hear that local clergy, ministers, and parishioners are pitching in and continuing to function as a body in his absence. It was the kind of news he had so desired to hear. Please continue to pray for our precious brother and his family who minister to him in the states. He is very dear to us.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

In other news, I arrived safely in Chicago this afternoon. The Lord in his merciful grace pour his blessing upon you all.