A New Website Format Up

Over the last week and a half, this website has seen a lot of changes! Here's a brief overview of some of the changes it's undergone:

  1. Structure. The information on the site has been reorganized so that it's easier to navigate. Rather than having long pages with tons of narrative or information, there is now usually a front summary page that can direct readers to more information if they have interest in it.

  2. Content. Not only is there more content on the need for missionary work in Buenos Aires, but the mission, vision, strategic plan, and core goals for this ministry are up on the website. Not only has this filled out the website (a lot!), but it has helped sharpen my own articulation of what this mission is all about for myself and for others.

  3. Forms. Users can now submit a request for updates or to register to host a visit from yours truly by filling out online forms which record their registrations, and they receive an confirmation email that their form has been received. This should make partnering with this mission even easier!

  4. Home Page. There is finally a working home page with a (relatively) brief summary of the mission, its objectives, and how to partner in the ministry!

  5. Pictures. There are, bit by bit (pun unintentional), more and more pictures, graphics, and photos on the site. Keep checking in to see the latest!

My support team is about 60% formed ... I'm waiting to hear back from some, and I still need to speak with about three or four more people about serving on the support team. Please pray that the Lord would open the hearts of key individuals not only to be on the team but to catch the vision that he has for this ministry in Buenos Aires.

Please pray for me this Saturday as I head up to Long Beach for a Diocesan Missions Committee meeting, that the Lord would open doors for effective coordinated ministry between churches within our diocese and beyond.