The Midpoint of Advent

We've reached the midpoint in Advent, and Christmas is now less than two weeks away!

Things went great at Holy Spirit Anglican Church this past Sunday ... it was a joy and honor to be with their growing congregation and to serve alongside my friend and mentor Fr. David Montzingo. My time to share about the mission had to be condensed into the sermon that I gave, but the passage from Matthew 11:2-11 went hand-in-hand with sending out missionaries to prepare the way for our coming Lord.

This week is full of meetings, study, and Lord willing phone calls to follow up about the mission. I am hoping that my voice has recovered enough that I can make phone calls about the mission and actually be understood by the poor person on the other end of the line. My pneumonia is gradually fading, but I'm not quite there yet, and I would ask for your continued prayers for my recovery.

As I prepare to move to Argentina, as I prepare to move out of my apartment, as I prepare to preach and serve at multiple Christmas services on multiple days, and to celebrate happily with good friends whom I will not see for a long time, I am trying to discipline myself to take breaks to rest, to reflect, and to refresh myself in the Lord. May he give me grace to do exactly that in the whirlwind of everything else going on!