As of today - August 5th

Hello everyone! I have just a quick update for you today before the week gets too busy.

This past week we suffered the loss of Mr. Arthur Tillett, one of the patriarchs of our community in Georgeville. I was had prayed and anointed him a few hours before his death, and was still in the village when we received the news that he had passed. Please pray for his wife, Ms. Jessie Tillett and their whole (very extended) family in Belize and in the United States. We will be having his funeral this coming Sunday afternoon.

Besides preparation for the funeral, this week is filled with odds and ends. I may be making a trip to Belize City for a meeting regarding Christian Education and curriculum in our Anglican schools, as well as a trip to Belmopan to renew my visa and apply for a Belizean driver's licence. There will certainly be pastoral visits to be made, particularly with Mr. Tillett's family. This Saturday Juan and Maria Marentes's youngest son arrives from the States to be with us for a few weeks. And the same day we also send off our parish representative to the Provincial Congress, held this year in Barbados. Like I say: odds and ends.

This about convers things, with one exception. I hope today to have internet finally installed in my house. Pray that it happens today or tomorrow without delay, and without any problems. Have a wonderful week!