As of today - April 15th

Hey everyone! I hope my American friends got their federal and state taxes in by today!

I'm back in Belize! I arrived all in one peace on Thursday evening, and did not have a chance to melt as I spent time talking with the Bishop about future possibilties for ministry and calling it an early night. In the morning I spent some time with the diocesan staff in worship, and then headed to Santa Elena where, early that night, I was given keys to my new house by the cemetery. It is a bit far from where I used to live, but it is a little garden respite where I can go to be refreshed and, through hospitality, refresh. I am very excited about it!

Sunday I jumped into ministry full throttle, leading St. Andrew's and St. Hilda's in the celebration of Holy Communion, and beginning the process of reestablishing relationships. Please pray that these relationships continue to grow and form the basis for a network of support here in Belize.

This week looks as though it will be full of ministry in the schools, home visitations, children's programs, sermon preparation, and even a Church Committee meeting. Please pray that i will be faithful and diligent in all of these things, and that I withstand the formidable heat going on here in Belize! Have a wonderful week!