As of today - November 5th

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! We've had some extreme temperatures, as it's been getting down in the 60s at night, but still getting up into the 80s and 90s during the daytime. It's how we know that winter is slowly but surely coming our way. And now, down to the business of a brief update.

The past week at St. Hilda's Church was long and busy but good, culminating in Kahrin's baptism on Sunday. That afternoon I also attended the Salvation Army's "Harvest Festival" in Georgeville, and it was good to make connections with other pasors in the community. Apart from that, much of last week was routine visits to schools and parishioners, cleaning and reading and meetings and unwinding.

I neglected to give you an update last week on how my ongoing struggles paperwork has been going! Two weeks ago, God was gracious and opened the last few doors to my getting a year-long temporary work permit, which makes me eligible for a year-long work visa. Though I have until October of next year before having to firm up the paperwork again, I hope to begin applying for my permanent residency in April, a process which can be longer and more expensive than the other, but after which (Lord willing) I will not have to bother with any complications regarding immigration or employment. Please continue to keep this in your prayers.

Also, now that I have received some additional paperwork from the United States, I will be applying as soon as possible for the licence to serve as a legal marriage officer: that is, so that I could solemnize matrimony here in Belize in a civil sense as well as in a spiritual. I am praying that this too goes as well as my application for a work permit eventually did.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and please continue to hold us up to God. Our recent days have been filled with drama, and some heartache, but we believe (and sometimes even see) that God is at work in our little community. Take care and have a wonderful week!