A Quick Update on Chetumal

I just wanted to let folks know that we got into Chetumal in good time yesterday. The drive up through Belize was safe and speedy, and the trip across the border without complications. When we arrived at the clinic, for some reason the appointment had not been set up, but we were able to get a time with the doctor for the time that evening that we had hoped.

After checking into our hotel, we headed back and saw the doctor. After running some additional tests, we set up an appointment for Christina to have an external lithotripsy in the morning on the following day (Friday). We were up early this morning to get Christina to the clinic, and after a reasonably short wait, Christina was taken into surgery. That was about a half-an-hour ago.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Almost everything has gone very smoothly, but we still need the Lord's protection as we sojourn here in Chetumal, Mexico.