As of today - April 22nd

I praise God to be back in Belize, but it has been a very hard week. Please keep us all in your prayers here.

There has been a lot to do in this first week back in Belize. I've been moving in, reconnecting with friends and co-laborers and other acquaintances around town. Additionally, my focus during the week has been to reintegrate into some of the ministries that I was a part of before leaving to raise support in the States. This has been fruitful, with some occasional tensions and growing pains, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened late in the week.

We had two sudden deaths close to our community. The first death was of Ken (age 31), the husband of one of the teachers at St. Andrew's school. He had been sick for a long time, and was thought to be getting better, but then he was diagnosed with terminal cancer the week before. Despite a round of chemotherapy, his conditioned declined rapidly. I was honored to be able to pray with Ken and his wife on Thursday and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord, but by Friday morning I heard the news that he had passed. I am so grateful for the steady pastoral care that our team at St. Andrew's has given this family over the last few months, and during this last brutal week.

The second death was of George (age 16), the son of one of the lay ministers at St. Andrew's church. He was killed suddenly in a single-vehicle accident early on Saturday morning. George and his mother are very dear to us, and our whole community is stricken with grief. I spent time with George's mother on Saturday, and hope to see her again soon this week. Because I am recently returned to Belize and Fr. Juan is still in the United States recuperating, the lay pastor for the congregation has decided to coordinate the funeral and other details; however, I am hoping to serve when and where I can as we mourn this loss with his mother.

Please keep us in your prayers. May Christ pour upon us his peace, his grace, his comfort, and his love.