Big immediate prayer request

I have a HUGE big prayer request. Christina and her husband Jon, both Americans, are very important members of our ministry team here in Belize. Christina has for a while now been struggling with terrible kidney stones, and she got the news today (accompanied with pain) that one of those stones has grown and moved to the point where it is blocking flow out of her kidney. She needs a lythotripsy procedure immediately, and that means a trip to Mexico for good medical care.

Because Jon and Christina have only rudimentary Spanish, I have agreed to travel with them to Mexico, to be translator, chaplain, and travel companion. This leads us to some big prayer needs:

  • For safety traveling through Belize to Mexico (about a five hour drive), and back
  • For safety and justice crossing the border into Mexico and back (no bribes, extortions, delays)
  • For wisdom and good communication in working with the medical staff in Mexico
  • For healing for Christina for the medical procedures she's about to undergo
  • For rest, clarity of mind, and peace through this stressful time
  • For Jon and Christina's children who will stay behind in Belize with friends of the family

We desperately need your prayers. We leave for Chetumal tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and we hope to be back by Saturday, maybe even Friday. Thanks be to God for his great goodness and lovingkindness.