As of today - February 17th

There is so much going on these days, and it is time for an update. Here goes.

First, let me say that much in ministry is going on as normal. Things at St. Hilda's are going well: we have some people who want to be baptized into Christ, others who want to get married, and prayer and worship, sickness and life continue on as normal. We are very blessed, and things (for the most part) are going well.

The big news that I've been wanting to share with you is that Juan and Maria Marentes, my coworkers and co-missionaries in Belize, will be heading out on indefinite medical leave to Colombia in April, and they won't be coming back. We are trying to assimilate this hard news, the pain of having dear friends leaving, and the questions surrounding the ministry here in Cayo and how it will carry on.

Bishop Wright was here last week to talk with our pastoral ministry team about the next steps. Since there are various leaders here, at various stages of discernment, there will be a period of transition after April. The most likely scenario is that the Bishop will call an interim clergyperson from North America, probably a priest on sabbatical or a retired bishop, to provide pastoral care to St. Andrew's, St. Hilda's, and St. Barnabas' while we listen to how God is calling each of us to serve long-term in the future. This interim period will probably last for about three months, and we should know much more by the end of the summer.

For me, this could mean that I could be asked to take on more responsibility at St. Andrew's as well as St. Hilda's, overseeing all the congregations and schools here. It could also mean that I may be transferred to another part of Belize as the Bishop calls someone else to take a primary role in Cayo. There are also many other possibilities, as you can imagine.

In all of this, I don't expect much change to my placement to occur before the end of the summer, but please keep me, Juan and Maria, and everyone in our churches and schools in your prayers. And I'll keep you posted as news develops! Thank you.