As of today - July 31st

Well, today the last of our short-term groups has left our churches here in Belize. We had a great time with the most recent group from New York and New Jersey led by Gus Calvo and Geoff Miller. I spent most of last week helping them out as the team cleaned and painted classroom walls, tiled classroom floors, poured concrete, and built lunch tables for the children of St. Andrew's Anglican School in San Ignacio. I spent most of my time helping build the tables, and I had a great (if sweaty) time on their construction with the other members of the team.

We topped off the excellent week with a visit to Guatemala, to see the Mayan ruins of Tikal. It was absolutely incredible, and I was grateful for another day with the last team to come and visit for a while.

I also had a very productive time with the Spanish-speaking missions on Sunday, preaching at San Andrés (San Ignacio) and Santa Cruz (Selena Valley). Unfortunately, we got rained out from going to Santa Trinidad (Frank's Eddy Village). We're hoping to get together on Friday to have a good-old-fashioned hymn and praise chorus sing-along in Spanish. It was a great time of building relationships!

And hopefully as well, today or tomorrow I will be getting out another installment of "The Occasional Newsletter". I make no promises, but the publishing process seems most imminent! Thank you for all your prayers and support!