Vacation Update from Indiana

Well, my first week of vacation is gradually coming to a close: it's been a time of sleep (hallelujah!), spending time with my family, and making a few small advances on my missions support raising work.

My new nephew Ethan Michael Schanely, the main reason why I flew out to Indiana last Wednesday for a few days, is doing very well! I am excited to report that the doctors and nurses say that, despite being 7 weeks premature, he is doing well, and we are all hoping that he will be headed home in the next week or two. Thank you all for your prayers!

Additionally, I have been trying to set up connections with churches, pastors, and individuals in the Pacific Northwest, most immediately in the Vancouver and Victoria areas. By the grace of God I have gotten in touch with a view pastors in the area, and Lord willing will be meeting with church leaders in the first week of October!

Please pray for my continued rest and relaxation this week, and for my trip up to Vancouver (it might require some considerable driving). Please also pray for my meetings with Canadian pastors the following week, especially as I meet with Rev. Rod Ellis, the rector of Church of our Lord Reformed Episcopal Church.