As of today - April 23rd

Happy Feast Day of St. George :o)

Things are moving along quickly when it comes to my mission to Belize. I have tickets to exit Southern California in the first week of May to spend time with my parents, and then on May 18th I am flying to Belize. It's all been very snappy.

Thanks be to God, I have an apartment already reserved for me in Belize, and there will be relatively little to pack up in a couple of weeks when it comes time for me to head out.

This coming Sunday (April 29) I will be preaching at Resurrection (San Marcos), and saying again goodbye to my wonderful and super-supportive sending church. It's going to be bittersweet.

Please keep me in your prayers as I do all of the logistical things necessary to get out of here, especially the things that I don't necessarily care for: filling out expense reports, shopping for clothes, and driving driving driving.