As of today - November 12th

Greetings from the Belizean highlands! Things have been going well over the last few weeks: a lot of basic pastoral work, and not much else. The days are full as the nights get longer, and we're rapidly approaching the beginning of the traditional December business and even craziness, kicked off by our official visit from Bishop Wright on December 2nd to celebrate the feast of St. Andrew, Apostle and Martyr.

As I look towards the strong possibility of staying longer here in Belize (pending a few conversations), I have moved the date of my traveling back to the States from just before Thanksgiving to Christmas Day itself. I am excited to be celebrating Christmas Eve with the brother and sisters here in Belize, and I'll be excited to see my family in Indiana before heading to the Urbana Conference a few days later.

Also, in view of this strong possibility of my staying longer, I am getting in touch with current supporters, former supporters, and potential supporters (that means you!), asking people to find concrete ways to be a part of my ministry and mission here in Belize. These are tough times, and giving for my ministry has dropped to nearly 50% of budget. If I'm to stay here much longer, by the beginning of 2013 I will need to build up again not only the amount of money that is being pledged, but also the amount that is actually being given. If you are currently giving to my mission, thank you so much! If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to begin giving, please listen and answer his call to help meet the needs of this ministry!

Besides that, there is little to tell besides the fact that I am having some technology issues and problems about which I share more at a later date. Until then, please keep me and my computer in your prayers, and I'll try to post updates here and be in touch as often as possible.

Take care, and thanks for all the prayers!