As of today - August 27th

Last week went pretty smoothly, despite the fact that (as I look back over my calendar), a lot ended up being squeezed into seven days. It was a week with important meetings for the start of school (with teachers and principals) or for the diocesan Commission on Ministry (where we ended up heading to Belize City), with time spent with the new students at the local Creation Care Study Program, and with some intensive pastoral care for a beloved couple in our congregation.

In addition, I was privileged to bring God's Word on Sunday to his people from John 6:60-71. My voice however was drowned out by the rain on the tin roof of St. Hilda's church, so I'm not entirely sure of how much actually came across. Not exactly a "First World Problem."

Please pray for me this week ... this whole month actually. Fr. Juan and María are headed to the States for around four weeks on vacation, and the Senior Warden and I will be heading up the church in their absence. This alone would be reason enough for intensive prayer. However, in their absence, I also have several important goals to accomplish this month: the launch of regular youth ministry at St. Andrew's, the commencement of preparation for Confirmation at St. Hilda's, and the work of a sub-committee that may change the way we take care of all the parish properties here in San Ignacio. Please keep me in your prayers.

Please also keep my further discernment in your prayers: questions, thoughts, and things for me to pray about are beginning to trickle in, and I need the Lord's wisdom during this critical phase of transition. Thanks!