Departure Needs and Date

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked regarding the mission to Argentina is: when are you leaving? The answer that I have been giving lately is, "When I receive the necessary pledged support for my missionary budget." In other words, in order to be certified by SAMS-USA, my missions society, to depart for Argentina, I need to have 100% of my budget covered by pledges and cash gifts.

My current average annual budget includes not only a salary and a housing allowance, but also benefits (e.g. health insurance), ministry costs (e.g. transportation in Argentina), communication costs (e.g. cell phone), and overhead (e.g. salaries for SAMS support staff in the U.S.). At last count, I have received support for approximately 81% of this budget.

My hope is to arrive and begin serving in Argentina by the end of this February. Given the level of support that the mission has at this point (81%), we are close! But, in order to make this goal, we need approximately 20 more people and churches to pledge to giving monthly to our ministry by the end of January.

Please take this need before the throne of the heavenly grace: pray that God our Father would move the hearts of his children to partner financially in this ministry. And please pray and ask our Lord if he might be calling you to be one of those partners!