As of today - November 20th

Today would have been my last day in Belize, but prospects change and I continue adjusting. Rather than flying out today, I am set to return to the States on December 25th, with the hopes of possibly returning to Belize soon. Still, this is a big day. I have now been in the country for more than six months!

Life here is going well: the routine of ministry (worship, home visitations, study, school visits) continues. We're quickly approaching the feast of St. Andrew and the visit of the Bishop, and then a lot of activity that will come throughout the month of December, in all our congregations and schools. I'm looking forward to it, but it's going to get crazy for a while!

Yesterday (Monday) was Garifuna Settlement Day, a big holiday celebrating the arrival of the Garinagu people to the shores of this country. There were impressive public festivities that occurred so early in the morning that, despite my best efforts to set my alarm, did not involve my attendance. Still, I enjoyed celebrating the day, and it's a great example of one of the many incredible cultures present here in Belize.

I am beginning to really get in the swing of finding more financial support for my ministry here in Belize. It's been terrific to hear from current and former "senders" about their plans to give in the year to come. I'm so grateful for those who are helping to further the work here in these churches and schools by supporting me.

Apart from this, it's "business as usual" (which hardly means "usual" in the usual sense of the word). I intend to preach from Revelation 1 this Sunday, focusing on the theme of Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. It is an epic (literally) theme of which I'll only be scratching the surface. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

May God richly bless you all, and thank you so much for your prayers!