A Whole New World

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well, I am here! Nine days ago I arrived in Buenos Aires, tired and jet-lagged from the flight from L.A. to B.A. by way of Sao Paolo, but I was warmly received in the airport and by old and new friends here in Argentina!

The last week has been a week of overcoming a dramatic time difference (five hours), of getting used to Spanish again (and often becoming exhausted in the process), and of reconnecting with leaders and members of the churches in the area. Buenos Aires has changed little in the last three years, but there is just enough different (especially in the size of the children!) to give me plenty to work on adapting to in the next week or two.

Further beyond even that, my great initial task here will be slowly to begin soaking in the culture, forming and building relationships, and laying the foundations of a long-term ministry that will be informed and sensitive to the cultural in which I will be serving but equally centered on a Gospel which is a stumbling block both to Jews and Greeks but which is the power of God for salvation for all who believe.

This weekend we have a number of interesting goings on: a "Three Streams" training course will be happening on Saturday as well as the kick-off for the parish youth group. This Sunday I preach my first sermon in Hurlingham (the text will be John 3:1-17), and next week we will be easing into even more activities in which to be involved.

Thank you all for your prayers and continued support!