As of today - August 8th

Well, it's been a bit too long since I gave an update, but let me get in here and give you all a few details about what's been going on.

Last week ended up being a great cluster of days to rest and study without having to worry too much about groups coming down or people to visit. I was able to work somewhat on last Sunday's sermon from John 6:24-35, a passage which is legendary in its awesome complexity. So, that was tasty! Juan and María were off for a few days in San Pedro in ministry with a SAMS-USA Bridger Missionary couple.

As we've been waiting for Hurricane Ernesto to roll in, I've been spending some time with a group that suddenly came in from Church of the Good Shepherd (Norfolk, VA), who has been working with some of our kids from St. Hilda's in Georgeville. My hands are a little blistered from chopping lawns with a machete, but we've had a good time.

Please keep us in your prayers for these storms, and that I continue to recover a little bit from the stress of the month of July! Thank you all!