As of today - July 9th

Whew! We're surviving. I'm surviving.

Things have been super-hectic around here, and I do apologize for not posting much in the last few weeks. The big item on the agenda has been the arrival of a fantastic mission team from Trinity Anglican Church (Thomasville, GA). After a couple of the team members came early to scout things out and counsel troubled children at St. Hilda's Anglican School in Georgeville, the rest of the group came down and spent last week in a whirlwind of activity which kind of swept me up into it as well.

In the morning, we ran a Vacation Bible School for the children in Georgeville, keyed in on the lives of John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, the Apostle Peter, and the Apostle Paul. We had a great time, and the kids got a lot out of it. Then in the afternoons, we spent our time constructing a house and setting up property for a recently widowed teacher in Georgevile. It was hard work, and I finished the week exhausted and under the weather, but we got a lot done, and I felt like we all did a lot of bonding through the whole thing. In short: good times.

This coming week will prove to be interesting as well. We are enjoying a visit from Shaw and Julie Mudge, who are working with the Diocese of Belize to set up an online seminary for candidates for ordained and lay ministry. It's been exciting to have them with us: I met the Mudges back in Perú, and our families have a fascinating array of encounters and interactions in the last few years.

So, all that is to say, please keep me and all of us in your prayers as we recover the last group, enjoy those are visiting now, anticipate the next group to come this coming week, and serve God in daily ministry in the midst of it all!