As of today - June 18th

Well, life never stops here, but it's important that it least I stop to give something of an update here on the website!

Last week was full of the little pastoral details that had gotten swept under the rug the week before due to our trip to Mexico. We spent a lot of time leading services and teaching at the three schools under our purview, and I put my head and heart to preparing my sermon for Sunday (Mark 4.26-34). Much to think about, much to digest, and much to serve up and prepare to two packed services (Father's Day!).

The visa renewal experience in Belmopan (Belize's capital) went well, although I've been informed that I need to add pages to my passport (apparently, I'm running out).

There is not much to report for the docket of the coming week, except for a few small details. First, as of today, I celebrate one month in Belize. I am healthy (if not wealthy), and God has blessed my comings and goings at every time. I am so thankful.

Second, we are entering the epoch of short-term missions teams. This is great, but it adds stress to our team on the ground. The first wave arrives on Sunday: please keep us in your prayers!