As of today - September 17th

A lot has happened in the last two weeks, and I guess it's really only fair to fill you in on it all!

We are at the moment square in the middle of September festivities. Maybe I should clarify. Belize celebrates two national holidays in September, the 10th (St. George's Caye Day) and the 21st (Independence Day). We've been holding marches and celebrations and carnivals and other fine shindigs for the last couple of weeks, and we have another week to go. Really, the whole month has been set aside for the due festivities, and I am happy to participate in them as part of the community here. Please pray for me in particular on the 21st, as I am scheduled to give the invocation for the Independence Day ceremony in town.

Church has been going well. It's a "low month" for attendance due to all the festivities, but we're charging ahead and making progress in the meantime. We met with the young adults of St. Andrew's church again, and though we don't have momentum quite yet, we haven't hit a wall either. Sunday services have been going well, and I was very excited this past Sunday to travel to Santa Cruz (Selena) again to be a part of their patronal celebrations (Holy Cross Day is September 14) and visit from Bishop Wright. This coming Sunday we start our weekly preparation for Confirmation in St. Hilda's church, and we look forward to presenting a good crop of youngsters to the bishop to have hands laid on them.

School has also started, and we are in the thick of things now. We are holding chapel services at our three schools every two weeks, and having devotions for the teachers every two weeks as well. Lots of little issues are popping up (as is to be expected), but bit-by-bit I am being invited to participate and lead in the life of these Anglican schools, and I'm always honored and happy to do so.

And finally, let me just say that we're looking forward to having Fr. Juan and María back with us at the end of next week. They've been missed, and we're excited to hear about their vacation (and have them take the reins here again). I hope you all are doing well too, and shoot me a note when you have the chance!